About George

I’ve drawn my whole life. My mother was an unrealised artist and as a young girl, I would watch her doodle faces on the newspaper of the previous day as she sat on a telephone call.

My ability to draw is of a different sort. I cannot draw faces but can see tones and shadows effuse on the page with a squint of an eye and have always been fascinated with the shape of the body, particularly my own body which is the basis for most of my starting sketches. 

I began stippling as a teenager, letting my mind wander as I spotted thousands of dots upon a page. I also love painting with Phthalo Blue, just one colour that bursts with so many tones while making the most of a rough background to add an extra layer of texture to the paint. 

I run a specialist payments FinTech while sitting on the advisory boards of various UK universities. 

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